Is Alcohol starting to cause you more problems than it was solving? Let me help you to regain your life with Clinical Hypnotherapy in London Bridge.

Do you find that you turn to a drink as a way to deal with stress, that you intend to have ‘just one glass’ and end up drinking a bottle of wine or that your ‘one quick pint’ after work turns into an evening session, that too often your intentions don’t match up to your actions. Is your alcohol consumption costing you more than the price of a drink by:

  • Adversely affecting your ability to function efficiently
  • Having a negative affect on your relationships
  • Slowing your memory and cognitive processes so they are less responsive than they used to be?

If the answer to any of this is ‘Yes’, let me help you with Hypnotherapy to find out the root cause of why you are turning to alcohol, change your relationship with it and learn some simple techniques to help you manage your life in a more positive way.

I have worked for several years in a Treatment Centre for alcohol abuse and have gained a vast experience of how any one of us can slip from an occasional drinker to a problem drinker due to a variety of outside factors.

Let me help you to overcome your excess drinking.

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