Dentists now recommend Hypnotherapy as a way of helping patients....

Do you have Dental Anxiety or Phobia?

Do you suffer from fear of the dentist of Dental Anxiety or Phobia?  If the answer is YES, then Hypnotherapy is probably the best way to free yourself from the fear and be able to see a dentist with ease.

Dentists from the Young Dentists Association repeatedly comment on the positive effects of using Hypnotherapy to treat anxious patients and help them to undergo treatment with ease.

There is nothing worse than needing to see a dentist and putting it off.  Sometimes patients leave decaying teeth untreated for many years because of their fear.  In the end, only desperation will lead them to get their teeth sorted out.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t let your dental Anxiety or Phobia may make your visit to the dentist absolutely miserable or stop you from having treatment. With my help you can overcome your anxiety or fear quickly with gentle and relaxing Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Let me help you to face the dentist with confidence and a bright, healthy smile on your face.

It doesn’t have to be like that!  As a clinical Hypnotherapist in London Bridge I can quickly help you overcome Dental Anxiety or Phobia.


Although some of my clients have experienced Anxiety or Phobia due to a traumatic experience in their recent past but most dental anxieties or phobias come from childhood experiences.   It may be that you learnt to be anxious at the dentist as a result of parents or others who were scared themselves. Perhaps you have received negative messages as a child about the dentist.  You may even have actually had an unpleasant experience yourself as a child due to an insensitive or clumsy dentist.

I can help you overcome your Dental Phobia or Anxiety by…..

• Helping you to identify the exact nature of your anxiety
• Working with your subconscious mind to overcome your anxiety
• Freeing your mind of your old limiting beliefs in hypnosis

After a few sessions you will be able to visit the dentist free of your old limiting anxiety or fear.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is the quickest, most gentle method I know for helping a client overcome Dental Anxiety Phobia.

Hypnotherapy relaxes you. Whilst relaxed, your mind can’t feeling anxiety or fear. This is the key to overcoming a phobia. Hypnotherapy works through a process of ‘Hypno-desensitisation’ a mix of relaxation whilst introducing the catalyst and your anxiety or phobia is relieved.

I use NLP techniques to re-programme the negative associations and create a relaxed connection to the event of say…the sound of the drill or whatever your trigger may be.

*The organisation for Young Dentists recommends Hypnotherapy:
The organisation ‘Young Dentists’ recommends Hypnotherapy for Dental Phobia

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