Stop Smoking with the ‘Hypno Quit’ method.

Do you want to Stop Smoking?  Have you tried to Stop Smoking in the past without success?  Hypnotherapy is a fantastic and fast way of overcoming the difficulties of stopping smoking without the withdrawals.  I can provide tailored Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy in London Bridge SE1 and Stoke Newington N16.


Take the Stress out of Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy.

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Why Stop Smoking?

As an ex smoker of up to 40 cigarettes a day, I know the difficulties you may face. I gave up nearly 25 years ago but I can still recall having to break my journey to have a cigarette, or feeling isolated by smoking a cigarette outside a public building when everyone else was inside.

I can remember the bondage of my addiction and the freedom of overcoming it.  It was just like a great weight had been lifted and the freedom was really amazing.  Plus, I had more money to spend!

How can I help you Stop Smoking?

Having given up smoking myself, I then worked for the National Stop Smoking Charity QUIT as a Stop Smoking counsellor setting up and supporting stop smoking groups in London.  That was a very long time ago………

I certainly know a lot about stopping smoking and I have used this knowledge and experience to set up my Hypno Quit Stop Smoking plan which particularly helps those who have tried more than once to give up and have failed to Quit.

By using Hypnotherapy tailored to your specific needs,  I will help you to find your triggers and causes and give you new ways of managing those moments when you would have picked up a cigarette.  Surprisingly, my clients say that apart from the Hypnotherapy being very relaxing, it also helps them in other areas of their life that they hadn’t expected.

Famous people who Stopped Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Mark Knopfler, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron
beat their smoking habit through hypnosis.

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