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Do you find you have an unhelpful association with food? There are a plenty of reasons why some individuals have an unsound approach toward food. It could be the due to an a recent incident that created the need in you to find a coping mechanism, or something from you past…either an experience or messages that were imprinted on your subconscious when you were a child.

The messages we receive throughout our lives are stored in our brain’s ‘hard drive’ so to speak and the associations that we make at the time may be either positive and nurturing or negative and unhelpful. Add to a negative message, stress the negative images in our media today about body image and weight and there is the recipe for a difficult relationship with food. Our brain, already hardwired to see food as a crutch of sorts, is then on high alert for any situation that may unsettle us and our subconscious immediately sends us off on the old path of food as the solution.

Add to the unhelpful messages we receive that get stuck in our brains creating unhelpful cycles is the fact that sugar (which has been likened to the crack cocaine of the food chain) creates a release of a hormone called dopamine in large numbers. Dopamine creates a feeling of pleasure. It’s a vicious cycle because as the Dopamine effect fades, our bodies and minds are now craving that feel good factor and the cycle starts over again.

Apart from the ’emotional relationship that some have with food is also the bodies natural process. Most days at around 11am and 4pm we have a blood sugar level dip. It’s that ‘can’t concentrate/must have some food’ kind of feeling and it causes intense cravings for carbs – especially sweets and chocolate etc. When blood glucose levels dip below normal, your body will do whatever it can to get you to eat something – to get the level back up. When you get that 11am/4pm feeling – you reach for a biscuit, a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate. This snack may fill your temporary ‘hunger pang or craving’ but it gives you far more sugar than you need. As a result, you may release too much insulin (your bodies way of coping with this type of food) and then your blood sugar level dips again. It’s a anther unhelpful cycle!

Science has now found that the brain has the ability to rewrite its neural pathways. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that there is light at the end of the tunnel and with Hypnotherapy as well as maybe EFT and NLP, I can help you to understand how you got here, help you to change the negative messages stored in your brain and provide you with the resources to change your life. Together we can lay down new, healthy and positive neural pathways. You can start walking down a calmer and more contented path. You will be able to understand your subconscious drives, control your emotions ad break free form the old patterns that have kept you repeating your unwanted and limiting eating habits. Let me help you to overcome your unhealthy or even destructive association with food that is keeping you stuck and unhappy and start living the life you deserve.

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