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Overcome your problems with fast effective 'Integrative Hypnotherapy'.

Let me help you lead a calmer, happier and healthier life

My 6 session 'Anxiety Course' will help you to overcome your anxiety with relaxing and pleasant hypnotherapy. If you want to find a lasting way to deal with your Stress or Anxiety, this six session programme will change your life!
“After just one session I feel as if my brain has been de-cluttered." (A.N., London)

I have been helping people to change their lives for over twenty years and in that time have developed a specialism in the treatment of Stress and Anxiety.
This programme has been developed through my experience as a therapist over many years of working with Stress and Anxiety. Let me help you.

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Six Session Stress & Anxiety Course - £480

Are you struggling with a problem that is limiting you,
making you unhappy or stopping you from leading a fulfilling life?

Do you want to quit a habit?
Or are suffering from Anxiety, Stress, a Habit, Negative Thinking, Fear of Public Speaking, Lack of Confidence, Low Self Esteem,
Problems with personal or work related Relationships, a Fear or a Phobia?

Many of my clients come to me see me for help for the very first time. Others,
because they have tried other therapies and not experienced a significant change
and are seeking a different route to overcome their issues.

My practice as a Hypnotherapist is supported by training in
CBT, EMDR Psychotherapy, Counselling and EFT.

One size doesn't fit all and so my Integrative approach
helps me create a therapy for you that will really help you to make that change you want...

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