Is Alcohol starting to cause you more problems than it was solving?

Are you feeling stuck but do’t know how to change?

Let me help you to lead a happier, healthier more balance life with Hypnotherapy in London Bridge & Stoke Newington


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Do you use alcohol to release stress? 

Do you find that you turn to a drink as a way to deal with stress and that you intend to have ‘just one glass’ but end up drinking a bottle of wine or that your ‘one quick pint’ after work turns into an evening session?

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Do you find that alcohol is:

  • Adversely affecting your ability to function efficiently
  • Having a negative affect on your relationships
  • Slowing your memory and cognitive processes so they are less responsive than they used to be?
  • Causing you to feel depressed

If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’, let me help you with Hypnotherapy.

How can I help?

Over my years working with clients, I have found that work related stress, relationship problems, financial insecurity and a host of other lifestyle issues creates stress.  Clients don’t always know how to manage these situations and to overcome the stress the experience.

With a variety of technique and therapy styles I am able to find what suits you and help you to gain control over your ability to deal with life in a more relaxed and manageable way and relive you of the need to use alcohol to ‘chill out’.



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