Anxiety affects approximately 3million people in the UK.

Before you read the rest of this page on Anxiety, let me answer the question that is probably uppermost in your mind right now…..

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Q. Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?
A. Yes, most definitely. I have consistent results helping my clients overcome the often disabling effects that anxiety has on their lives.

Read what the UK’s leading independent charity supporting clients suffering from Anxiety, Anxiety UK, says:

Anxiety UK recommends Clinical Hypnotherapy to its clients for the treatment of Anxiety:

“Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for the treatment and alleviation of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Hypnosis allows the subject to experience often quite deep levels of relaxation and so helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. It is often used alongside classical behavioural therapies such as ‘systematic desensitisation’. Two important elements of this therapy are the ability to clearly imagine something that makes you feel anxious and then to attain a deeply relaxed state.

Q.  Can I help you?

The next question you may be asking yourself is am I the right person to help you? My area of expertise is Anxiety and Anxiety related problems.   More importantly, my clients recover from their symptoms and go on to lead more relaxed and confident lives. Please take up my offer of a ‘FREE phone consultation’ where you have the opportunity to chat with me and then make your appointment

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You may suffer from worrying thoughts or more extreme feelings of panic…

If you experience any of the symptoms of Anxiety….here is the good news…..you are not your thoughts….you may think of a blue tree but it doesn’t mean the tree is blue.  It’s juts a thought in the same way that anxious, negative, worrying and ruminating thoughts are just that, thoughts.

I can help you relax your feelings of panic or tension, calm your mind, help you change your negative thought cycles, help you to overcome any phobias you may have picked up along the way, help you to get more restful sleep and generally live the life you deserve free from the problems you live with when you suffer from anxiety.

Q. What works?

You may already have tried another form of therapy such as CBT or traditional counselling.  And although these work for some problems and for some people, with panic attacks particularly, the panic sets in before you even realise you are going to panic so thought stopping wont work.  I have a range of techniques designed to deal with exactly that….the awful adrenalin fuelled panic.

Q. What is Panic?

And a Panic attack is just that. Its your ‘engine’ getting too much fuel – too much adrenalin. The principle is great, the adrenalin is designed to get you out of trouble fast.   Its injecting an extra boost of adrenalin because it believes you are in trouble.  But, yyour engine is set too high and needs calibrating.  It needs to be brought back to the original base line. Its just like you are a car and you have your foot on the gas too heavily and the engine is revving up really fast… I can help you bring that level down so you don’t get the same awful response to a trigger.

The term Panic Attack of course isn’t really helpful.  Although it may seem as if your whole body is being attacked, of course it is not, its just your mind triggering off physical responses.  So, one great place to start is to ‘bin’ the phrase ‘Panic Attack’ for something more solution focused.

Anxiety is a sneaky old thing and it takes an expert to really get to the cause of your anxiety and enable you to overcome your habitual responses.  I work in  a holistic way so that you get the very best treatment possible.

My Anxiety treatment is a simple programme that will help you to feel calm again, recover from your anxious thought cycle and take control back in your life.

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Symptoms of Stress

We all know what it’s like to feel a little stressed from time to time. It’s common to feel tense, nervous and perhaps fearful at the thought of a stressful event or decision you’re facing – especially if it could have a big impact on your life. For example:

• Sitting an exam
• Going into hospital
• Attending an interview
• Starting a new job
• Moving away from home
• Having a baby
• Being diagnosed with an illness
• Deciding to get married or divorced
• Dealing with a difficult problem over a prolonged period of time

In situations like these it’s understandable to have worries about how you will perform, or what the outcome will be. For a short time you might even find it hard to sleep, eat or concentrate. Then usually, after a short while or when the situation has passed, the feelings of worry stop.

When does Stress become Anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, you may experience some or all of the following physical symptoms:

• Heart pounding or racing (palpitations)
• Feeling tense in your body and/or muscles (headaches, neck & shoulder pain)
• Increased rate of breathing (short and sharp breathing) or hyperventilation
• Difficulty breathing
• Feeling nauseous, sick or faint

Simply put, all the symptoms you feel are a result of our old Prehistoric responses to seeing a predator running towards us.   As a result, Adrenalin pumps around our body when we experience a modern day ‘perceived threat’  which then creates the feeling of panic.  Its called the Fight or Flight response.  And of course, as with all things, some of us react to Adrenalin more than others so not everyone will have get same physical response.

So what can you do about it?

A light at the end of the Tunnel

If you are experiencing some or all of the above symptoms, the first step to getting out of the debilitating cycle of anxiety and negative thought is to become aware that there is a problem, acknowledge it and take some action to change the way you feel.

So……..Please give me a call to discuss your concerns about Anxiety and see how I can help you to recover from the Anxiety you have been living with and start to live your life the way you deserve.

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