Do you suffer from a fear of flying?

Hypnotherapy is a the easiest way to overcome your fear of flying.

I have helped many clients overcome their Fear of Flying.   So…let me help you!

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If you experience any of the following symptoms ranging from mild anxiety to extreme panic attacks you may suffer from a Phobia of Flying:

  • Do your anxiety levels rise as a result of even thinking about flying?
  • Does your fear of flying stop you from getting on a plane and enjoying holidays with
    friends or family?
  • Does your phobia prevent you from taking work assignments that could lead to promotion?

A fear of flying is an anxious, sometimes disabling and often very frightening state.

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Physiological symptoms of ‘Fear of Flying’ may include:

    • Muscle tension; tremors
    • Heavy, laboured breathing
    • Heart palpitations; chest pain
    • Abdominal and intestinal discomfort

How can I help you?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the quickest method I know for helping my clients to overcome their phobia.  The Hypnotic state is just like daydreaming.  Whilst in a gently relaxed state of hypnosis, I can provide your mind with positive suggestions and retrain your brain to feel calm and relaxed when making associations with flying.   Within a few sessions you will feel relaxed at the thought of flying and as a result be readily able to get on a plane again.  Hypnotherapy is a well tried and tested method of creating positive associations by reprogramming the brain.

UK-ACP support hypnotherapy for fear of flying. They say ‘We think that hypnotherapy deserves a special mention because of its excellent past record in combatting this somewhat irrational fear.’    

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