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” I want to give my clients value for money… I offer a free consultation 
and high quality, fast, effective and affordable treatment.”
Rosemarie Davidge

Fees – General



  • Phone consultation

General Fees:

  • 1 x 50 minute session = £90
    3 x 50 minute session = £85 (when 3 sessions purchased in advance)
    6 x 50 minute session = £80 (when 6 sessions purchased in advance) 

Cancellation policy:

  • Appointments are important so please give as much notice as possible
  • Cancellation within 24 hours will incur a full fee
  • Cancellation within 48 hours will incur a 50% fee.
All regular sessions are 50 minutes.

QUIT Smoking – £225

Book you FREE QUIT SMOKING Consultation NOW  07960020455

You get:  
*  Handouts prior to QUIT session to help you on your journey

                               * Pre Quit Smoking 50 minute Hypnosis/Relaxation and advice session

*  90 minute Quit Smoking session
* Quit Smoking Relaxation MP3 
* 1/2 hr follow-up reinforcement session to be taken within 7 days

Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle  – £450

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You get: 
*5 x 50 minute sessions combining Hypnotherapy with an integrated approach to health
*Relaxation MP3
*Weight Loss Relaxation MP3 
*Handouts to support your new healthy lifestyle choices

Book you FREE Consultation NOW  07960020455



Cancellation policy:

Appointments are important so please give as much notice as possible.
Cancellation within 24 hours 100% fee payable
Cancellation within 48 hours 50% fee payable.

Refund Policy:

Please note that reduced Fee Plans of 3 & 6 sessions as well as Weight Loss & QUIT Smoking Programmes are non refundable but the sessions may be taken at any time within a 12 month period form the date of purchase.  

With QUIT smoking, it is advisable that the Post Quitting Booster session is taken within no more than 1 week of the QUIT session, however the 12 month periods still applies.

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