Worried about Hoarding – Compulsive Shopping?

Is  your Hoarding – Compulsive Shopping is costing you your peace of mind?

If your home is cluttered at best or you can’t move around in it at worst, you may be a hoarder …

If your shopping for items you don’t need is causing you debt or cluttering up your home …

If you are a Hoarder – Compulsive Shopper you can get help right now and start to lead a happier and more contented life!

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Do you think you may have a problem Hoarding?  Have your friends or family suggested you get rid of stuff, do they comment on the amount of possessions you have?  Have you stopped having people round because they comment or don’t understand how you feel about your possessions?

If you find it hard to let go of things you may be on the brink of ‘Hoarding’.  Or you may have rooms full of possessions that you have not have used for years, decades even? Is your home becoming a sort of prison because you can’t move around easily or there are rooms you can’t use because they have become a storeroom? Does the thought of getting rid of any of your possessions fill you with dread and make you feel anxious – frightened even.

Compulsive Shopping

Maybe you are a Compulsive Shopper?  Have friends or family commented on the amount of ‘things’ you keep buying that yo don’t need or use?

Do you find yourself shopping for things you don’t need just to get over a feeling of emptiness or anxiety?   Is this causing you lifestyle problems and leading to hoarding?  Compulsive shoppers may do so for  and it is my job to help you to explore those reasons and find easy solutions.

The statistics…

If you think you may be a hoarder and perhaps a compulsive shopper, you may not be as isolated as you might think. Serious hoarding problems are present in at least 1 in 50 people, but they may be present in as many as 1 in 20.

What are the signs of Hoarding – Compulsive Shopping?

  • Difficulty getting rid of items
  • A large amount of clutter in the office, at home, in the car, or in other spaces that makes your life unmanageable
  • Losing important items like money or bills in the clutter
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of possessions that have ‘taken over’ the house or workspace
  • Being unable to stop taking free items, such as advertising flyers or sugar packets from restaurants
  • Buying things because they are a “bargain” or to “stock up”
  • Not inviting family or friends into the home due to shame or embarrassment
  • Refusing to let people into the home to make repairs

The Solution!

To help clients with Hoarding – Compulsive Shopping, I use a gentle mix of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Counselling to support you to make changes at a pace you can cope with.

Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxed state where I can work with your subconscious mind.  Once relaxed I can help you to ‘rewire your brain’ to make positive, healthy connections.

Emotional Freedom Therapy releases you from the emotions connected to the events past or present that cause you to experience feelings that seem overwhelming and which are eased with a bit of shopping.

This way of managing feelings can easily and quickly get out of hand and then the solution becomes the problem.  I can help you to understand you’re the root cause of your condition.  Please contact me and let me help you to come to terms with the these issues.  I will work with you at a pace that is easy for you to deal with.  You will soon start to feel less anxious and more able to manage your life.

Call me on 07960020455 for a free phone consultation and find out how I can help you…

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