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‘I have been attending Rosemarie’s hypnosis and relaxation sessions, both in person and online via Zoom. I have always found her hypnotherapy sessions tremendously helpful in terms of easing my anxiety. She helped me to find easy techniques which I could apply anywhere in order to find my inner calm and confidence. More recently, I have been attending her Guided Relaxation sessions online and have found these equally relaxing, like a little oasis of calmness in the midst of all the uncertainty created by the current pandemic. Rosemarie has a warm and approachable personality and I would thoroughly recommend her without reservation.’                  (Mrs S.E., 9th June 2020)

‘Thank you so much! I really needed that. It was amazing hearing your voice and how quickly it made me deeply relax. It’slike having a mini holiday for the mind.       (Mrs V.W., 2nd June 2020)

‘Another lovely one. Thank you!  Rosemarie’s Guided Relaxations sessions on Zoom are just a lovely way to relax during these difficult times.  Her gentle commentary makes the visualisation of the beautiful places she takes you to, very easy.’                                  (S.C. London., 2 June 2020)

“I am a scientist and an entrepreneur and was suffering from work related anxiety in public speaking, negotiations and presentations. I have been meditating for years now, but there were some specific cases in which I couldn’t understand my reactions and my stress response. I am very glad to say that I have overcome all of these issues, (actually recently collected several public speaking/presentation awards and prestigious scientific awards!). I feel way confident, not stressed. It was my dream to correct and manage these issues. Plus, during this therapy journey, another hidden issue affecting my daily life surfaced and we successfully solved it; I guess that was the bonus! I highly recommend Rosemarie.” (U.T., London)

“In a few short sessions I was able to reset my perspectives, regain control of my thoughts and get on with my life. I found a deep relaxation and calm throughout the sessions which gave me back my confidence and my enjoyment of life. I couldn’t recommend Rosemarie highly enough.” (J.H., Canary Wharf)

“Rosemarie really listened to me and helped me understand my feelings and how to battle my anxiety. The room is a lovely space where I felt safe to open up.” (B.P., London)

“The treatments I had with Rosemarie were very helpful. I’ve had hypnotherapy before but I didn’t find it particularly useful. However, with Rosemarie, I felt comfortable and was able to discuss a lot of sensitive issues with ease. She helped me to gain my confidence again.” (J.M., London Bridge)

“Since seeing Rosemarie, I have gained confidence and self-worth. I don’t doubt myself and feel I can move on with my life.” (N.D., London Bridge)

“I found my sessions with Rosemarie very constructive and extremely supportive.” (G.M., Canary Wharf)

“After just one session I feel as if my brain has been de-cluttered. (Anon, London)

“Rosemarie was amazing! She is very skilled, I would recommend her to anyone.” (Sara, Old Street)

“In a few short session I was able to reset my perspectives, regain control of my thoughts and get on with my life. <br />I found a deep relaxation and calm through the sessions which gave me back my confidence<br /> and my enjoyment of life. My anxiety went away. <br />I couldn’t recommend Rosemarie highly enough.”<br />
(JH, Canary Wharf)

“The treatments I had with Rosemarie were very helpful. I’ve had hypnotherapy before but I didn’t find it particularly useful. <br />However, with Rosemarie, I felt comfortable and was able to discuss sensitive issues with ease.<br /> It helped me to gain my confidence back.” (JW, London Bridge)

Hypnotherapy and other exercises were tailored to my personal needs and were really beneficial. I would say her service is ‘Excellent!    S.H., London

This therapy gave me specific tools that I could apply to handle situations differently, change perspective on negative situations and most important; ultimately change the way I feel about my life and the love I have for myself. Anonymous, European Acct Manager, London

Rosemarie was amazing! She is very skilled, I would recommend her to anyone. Sara, Clerkenwell

When I first saw Rosemarie I was so terrified of the mice that had appeared in my house that I moved into a hotel with my children. It got so bad that all I could see were mice, even when they weren’t actually there. Within the first session I felt calmer and by the second session my phobia had gone. I had one further top-up session and now I am able to see mice and not feel any fear or anxiety at all. She did a fantastic job!’

I also returned to see Rosemarie for another totally different matter and once again she helped me to overcome my problem.     Annon,  East London

I smoked for 17 years between 15-20 cigarettes a day. I didn’t like smoking, in fact I hated it. I remember being totally obsessed with the idea of quitting but did not manage to do until I met Rosemarie. The sessions were a fantastic journey towards inner peace, mindfulness and Freedom. Today I feel very proud to say that I am a non smoker and feel immensely grateful to the person who helped me become one. Thank you so much Rosemarie.                         S.P International Lawyer, London

Rosemarie helped me to stop smoking over five years ago prior to going in for major Heart Surgery and I have never wanted a cigarette since.  Lyn, Hackney

I felt very comfortable quite quickly and it was more like talking to a friend than anything else. This made it easier to open up and discuss what I was feeling. As I was feeling so low when I began, I wasn’t sure I believed I would be able to change, but the difference by the end was astounding. I was dealing with several significant life events during the course of the therapy and the way I was able to manage them by the end of the sessions was truly remarkable.       Emi, North London

Rosemarie worked with me before I gave birth to my daughter. I was in a bad state with itchy skin as I had Obstetric Cholestasis but her hypnotherapy helped me to relax and let go of the desire to scratch. She taught my partner techniques and words to coax me through the labour. We hadn’t really understood how useful this would be….but as the contractions progressed I was very tired and would drift into sleep between each so it almost felt like one continuous pain! It empowered my partner giving her some way to help & for me it was so comforting and reassuring to hear/feel myself being guided to a place where `I felt safe. Like I had an inner strength, the strength of using techniques Rosemarie had taught us.      D. Foley, Stamford Hill  

Rosemarie was brilliant! After joining her group relaxation I was able to release my stress. When I visited the dentist, I could hear her voice and I just forgot all my fear. I would recommend her to anyone.  Antoinne D, Walthamstow

I saw Rosemarie Davidge during a serious illness. She enabled me to overcome my fears and worked wonders with pain relief.       S.V. East London 

Rosemarie has been running relaxation at my Drug & Alcohol Treatment Service for a long time. She has exceptional results and the feedback I receive from everyone has always been positive. Rosemarie has a way of working with people that is deeply calming. In attending relaxation sessions with Rosemarie, I was able to block out all stresses going on for me and block out all the noise and activity going on around me. I highly recommend Rosemarie as a therapist.     Cassie, Manager Turning Point 

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